Stage Spotlight | In Conversation With Alex Robins

Fireworks is an up and coming production about experimentation and risk. We exclusively spoke with Alex Robins (Writer) about the the creative process!

1. So Alex, in summary, what is Fireworks about? What can we expect?

Fireworks is a love story about the Large Hadron Collider. You may remember it from back in 2008 (when it was first switched on) or in 2012 when it was powered up in order to locate ‘The God Particle’. This is the machine which had the possibility of creating a black hole and destroying the world/ universe/ multiverse (depending on who you ask!). It is directed by Jack Bradfield, of Poltergeist Theatre, and is being performed by Gráinne O’Mahony and James Murphy Stevens. Expect science, conspiracies and the best fireworks we’re allowed to set off in accordance with Health and Safety at the theatre.

2. What has been your favourite aspect of production?

I’d say my favourite moment so far was right at the start of our R+D process. Looking around the table to see Jack, Gráinne, James and our Dramaturg Jim Newton assembled for the script reading was really exciting! The following days, untangling the knotty science and mapping out the narrative, were crucial to my writing of the final draft – and it couldn’t have been done without everyone in the team throwing in ideas and getting the words up on their feet.

3. And alternatively, what has been the most challenging part of the process?

That’s got to be wrapping our heads around the science. The show is both for people who understand particle physics and for people who just think it’s cool. I’m in the latter, but learning! Plymouth University’s Mathematical Sciences group have been invaluable in clarifying the facts. Each meeting with Dr Antonio Rago, and his associates, has been like a personal lecture. Not just on the science of the LHC – but also the scientific communities surrounding it.

4. Rehearsals are sounding great! What has it been like to work with Jack Bradfield?

Working with Jack has been wonderful! From the start of the project, the energy and playfulness he brings into the room has been truly inspiring. Collaboration has been integral to the show’s development, with Jack’s direction and each conversation we have had evolving my own understanding of the play.

5. This is a fantastic opportunity for you all! What message would you like audiences to gain from your show?

A line we have kept coming back to is ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’. It’s very easy to get caught up in risk – and I hope the show acts as an example of fear being overcome.

Thank you so much Alex for taking part in the conversation!

Fireworks will showcase in The Lab at Theatre Royal Plymouth, 20th-21st December 2019. Tickets are now available online to purchase.

The show will be touring around the South West, and will preview at the Vault Festival.

Be sure to follow  @FireworksShow and Alex for more information and updates!

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