Georgia Merry: Some Honorary Mentions

Hello there! You may have visited my blog from my recent video, where I shared with you my Top 5 covers from Georgia Merry. Well, this was truly a struggle to limit to 5 covers/medleys, but I did it with a slight twist. Here is a list of some honorary mentions. Some covers that may... Continue Reading →


13 Reasons Why Season 2: Review and Final Thoughts

** Please note that this blogpost will contain spoilers, as well as triggering themes such as sexual assault, abuse, suicide and violence. Discretion is advised before reading on.** If you would like any additional help, or know of someone who may be in a crisis, please visit This past week I have been captivated... Continue Reading →

13 reasons why (I am grateful)

Usually I prefer to hide away from the current crazes of pop culture. But for some reason, I gave in to the opinions of strangers, and gave 13 reasons why a go. This afternoon I finished the first (and currently only) season and I was overwhelmed by the themes and glorified conclusions this show confronted me with. This show has very controversial... Continue Reading →

The ‘Get to know me’ Tag!

Get to know me tag: 25 questions about my life! Hello my little spring chicks I thought i would spring in to April with the ‘Get to know me tag'. For a while now I have been sharing content with the internet; both on social media and my blog (admittedly in small doses if you... Continue Reading →

March Favourites, 2015!

Bonjour my little daffodils! Spring is finally here and I am so excited to be back! And what's better than a favourites video? I've had quite a few faves this month so I thought I would share them with you all. I have recently just uploaded my March Favourites video, so I though in celebration... Continue Reading →

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